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We are able to offer a number of different recruitment packages to our clients, designed to suit business models of all sizes and varying growth demands. Here is a brief outlay of the services we offer.


Recognised by many recruiters as their “bread and butter”. Contingency recruitment is essentially a non-exclusive recruitment offering, non-exclusive being the important word. We always recommend our clients utilise one of our elite recruitment models, so that you gain from the many benefits mentioned below.


An exclusive recruitment agreement gives you, the client, total value for your money without any extra expense. By working with us exclusively, we can prioritise you as a client and in turn give you dedicated resource from our team, enabling us to provide a truly high level, consultative service. There’s no racing around or rushing, we can take our time to make sure we are delivering quality and effective results.

Most companies who chose not to adopt an exclusive agreement with their recruitment partner often find they are compromising quality for quantity, and often find their recruiters are racing to get their candidates “first past the post” without vetting them fully. Think of your brand image, how would it look if the same candidate had five calls in one single day to work for your company? To add to that, would you let just anyone do your company marketing?

This is why exclusive agreements work. We deliver quality and help you build your brand image in the candidate market.


This is a really popular talent acquisition method we often see utilised by clients with long term growth plans over i.e. a 6 - 12 month period. Retained recruitment, paying a retainer fee ahead of delivery, can be a very efficient way for businesses to accurately forecast recruitment spend over a period of time, benefiting from the pro’s of an exclusive arrangement as noted above as well as an overall more cost effective model over time. By going retained, you are allowing us to fully dedicate our time and resources towards your business.


We have found this model to be really successful for some of our SME clients, allowing them to pass on the burden that comes with recruiting within a candidate scarce market. We will take on the burden for you, allowing your business to regain focus in other areas whilst working with you closely to build a successful and effective talent attraction strategy. Essentially becoming the recruitment arm to your business.

This entails...
- Total recruitment outsource – cutting out the headache without taking away your control
- Through consultation with you, we will create and advertise your vacancies.
- Branded promotion of your company’s job opportunities within our exclusive talent network
- Day to day management of your recruitment suppliers, building and utilising a tiered supply system
- A dedicated, one point talent support function for your business
- Integration with your business, working with you to find an effective and efficient way to hire